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If you dig through my social media or look me up in the FEC donor database, you will stumble upon support for both Ted and Bernie so in the sake of transparency I thought I would clarify.  I supported both Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders in their respective primaries.  This is something I talk about frequently.  Some people think that it is impossible but that isn’t how my thought process works.  As an American, I will utilize my money, time or support in any way that maximizes the expected value of my happiness with that person as President.  In 2020 you will see me pick an anti-single payer Democratic candidate to support in the primaries.  Maybe its my insurance brain at work, but if you get stuck with someone you don't want, you might as well mitigate that risk the best you can.  In late 2015, the only goal I had in the upcoming election was moving on from the Obama administration and was glad to support an atypical Democratic candidate against the presumed next president, Hilary Clinton.  I don’t agree with Bernie on healthcare and his outrageous taxes he wants to impose on Americans, but he does not support private prisons, cares about the environment and was not part of the establishment.  With a Republican controlled house and Senate, there was not too much to worry about with the extremism on healthcare and taxes.  I contributed to his campaign against the Clinton money machine and even bought t-shirts and a magnet which I gave to liberal friends and then goodwill.  I also supported Ted Cruz verbally and with my presence, but not financially as his PACs seemed to have plenty of money.  I went out and stood on stage when he came to Madison in support of his Presidential bid and had his poster up in my house until the primary.  Ted is a strong constitutionalist as evidenced by chairing the Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, a hardworking legislator and a fellow Christian.  I was actively trying to convince left leaning friends to vote for Senator Sanders and my right leaning friends to vote for Senator Cruz, ultimately both came up short.