People in this State love the great outdoors.  That love is ingrained in the soul of the Wisconsinite.  I feel it in my soul because I am one of you.  We feel a call, a natural force that drives us to utilize and cherish the natural world around us.  Its fruits, creatures, landscapes, serenity and the bonds we form between each other in our journey to embrace this call to the wild.  An appreciation for the beauty and bounty of the agriculture produced locally.  An honor around preserving and respecting this ecosystem so future generations can carry on our traditions and reconcile that calling in their heart to the life they were destined to live as outdoorsmen.  Hunt, fish, trap, camp, bird watch, swim, hike, bike, snowmobile, ride ATVs or maybe just sit by the lake reading a book.  No matter what your thing is, this State has a lot to offer.  These activities are vital to the pursuit of happiness and quality of life for many Wisconsinites.


There are many legislative measures which could potentially affect the lives of Wisconsin outdoorsmen.  Infringement and inconvenience upon your rights to bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.  When and where you can carry a firearm.  Restrictions around transportation, storage and purchasing of firearms, ammunition and accessories.  You ever think about eminent domain or civil asset forfeiture?  How about fish and wildlife management or environmental policy?  I know my fellow hunters care deeply about the health of fish and game and the surrounding ecosystem.  I support the use of public lands for hunting as well as hunting and fishing in National Parks.  I support States rights.  Individual States can manage their own affairs in regards to natural resources and wildlife.  If an issue affects multiple States, they can coordinate among themselves for each other's mutual benefit.  We will attack the Asian carp problem encroaching in our water ways.  We will delist the Gray Wolf and allow the locals to get the problem under control without the triple S.  Judges and bureaucrats in Washington need to stay out of our business!  We need to return power to the States across the board.  Citizens are closer to their local representatives and have a greater ability to influence local and regional policy.  Lets return that lobbying power to the people!


Any issue that affects your gun ownership rights, policy that influence game in your area, use of public lands, control over your private property or any other concerns you may have, I'm going to be there looking out for you and your interests.  Show up for me and I will show up for you!