Legislative Agenda

  • Term Limits:  Limit Senators to 2 terms and Representatives to 3 terms
  • End all post-service compensation and benefits for members of the House of Representatives and Senate with all currently elected members being grandfathered into the existing system – EXCEPT FOR MYSELF, I GET NOTHING
  • Repair our Nation’s infrastructure with consideration to long term sustainability, economic priorities and environmental preservation
  • Improve diplomatic relationships with Russia including pulling sanctions if deemed beneficial to our overall geopolitical strategy
  • Secure our southern border in the most economically efficient and strategic manner with respect to the environment and private property rights
  • Reform ELD and HOS Trucking regulations
  • Work with Farmers and all contributors along the food distribution channel to secure food national security interests and save family farms
  • Ban the Box: Ban questions regarding criminal record from initial hiring applications
  • Legalize all forms of online gambling including online poker and fantasy sports
  • Legalize sports betting nationally: Repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and Federal Wire Act
  • Guns down, Gloves up legislation
  • Demand an audit of the Federal Reserve
  • Repeal 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age act, encourage WI legislature to decrease drinking age to 19
  • Enact law that establishes no minimum drinking age for enlisted service members
  • Lift the Federal prohibition of Marijuana
    • Allow states to decide on their own Marijuana laws, including employment requirements
    • Expunge criminal records which contain charges that are no longer illegal
    • Reduce or end prison sentences which contain charges that are no longer illegal
    • Apply a federal tax to Marijuana sales and write into law a requirement to reinvest that tax revenue in ways that directly benefit those that have been excessively criminalized by the prohibition of marijuana

Promises to the Citizens of Wisconsin

  1. I will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  I will nominate judges who interpret the letter of the law, not their feelings on the subject from the bench.  I will nominate administrators, secretaries and leaders who have the American people’s best interest at heart.
  2. I will never run from you.  I will never hide.  I will hold town halls.  My office will respond to your calls and letters.  I am YOUR public SERVANT.  I will never run from you.
  3. I will never vote for or against something based on how it hurts or helps my re-election.  I won’t change my vote late because that benefits my investment portfolio.  My family and I have very little personal wealth or connections, so there is no way for me to enrich myself or my family.  I will vote in the best interest of the largest majority of Wisconsinites.
  4. I will always fight for your taxes to be as low as possible.  I believe that the Federal Government is entitled to 0% of your income, but makes a decision to steal a certain percentage for the benefit of the commonwealth, not 100% and makes the decision to let you keep a certain percentage.
  5. I will work with the major networks and social media outlets to hold as many public debates and discussions as possible so the American people can hear first-hand from legislators and leaders on the issues.  Many times folks say “We need a national conversation on that…”  Well, you’re about to get it and I will be your humble moderator.
  6. I will support the environment and work to nominate non-partisan environmental administrators.  Hunters, fisherman and anyone that enjoys the beautiful outdoors in this state deserve to have the environment maintained.
  7. I will work to change the end goals of education in this country so that the result is putting our youth in a position to earn a living wage and be self-sustaining in their personal affairs.  Expand vocational training and start that process at a much earlier age.  Advertise the benefits, skills gained and discipline learned as a result of military service.  No longer will we release our youth into society at 18 without a skill to put food on the table or a plan to pursue more education that will then allow them to earn a living wage.
  8. I will provide the most transparency possible to the American people on the Federal Government’s information gathering capabilities and record storing procedures in regards to individual privacy rights.
  9. We will not agree every time, but I promise to honorably represent and fight just as hard for the people that DO NOT vote for me as those that do and work towards bi-partisan solutions as often as possible.

Long Term Goals

  • Raise awareness of the economic, emotional and societal problems caused by fatherless homes.  Reform any welfare policies that incentivize parents deciding to separate due to benefit discrepancies

  • Ensure every Veteran has healthcare and housing before a single dollar is spent on non-citizens and rebuilding foreign countries

  • Chart a course to reducing the national debt

  • Defend National Parks and all Federal public lands

  • Protect the Great Lakes from pollution and infestation from foreign species

  • End private prisons

  • Stop fighting endless wars, defend the homeland

  • Postal reform to ensure long-term viability

  • Prison reform designed to build inmates skills and preparation for reentry into society and reduce recidivism

  • Criminal justice reform including reforms in sentencing and crimeless revocation

  • Clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

  • Start modern, energy independent settlements in unpopulated areas of the country

  • Support community policing initiatives and pilots to improve attitudes and relations between police and their communities while improving safety for police officers as well

  • Reduce scope of Federal Department of Education

  • Provide additional oversight and/or reduce scope of the CFPB

  • End any Federal funding that aids abortion service providers

  • End the war on drugs

  • Minimize costs and regulatory burden regarding adoption and child care

  • Ensure our cyber security is world leading

  • Ease crippling restrictions and requirements on recreational aviation

  • Work towards energy independence, including all forms of renewable energy without additional subsidies