Future and National Debt

Our national debt is over $20 Trillion dollars!!  The debt is a political football that only gets thrown when it benefits an argument.  No one seems to care about it.  When the money comes out of our pockets or services and security for Americans are cut in the future, that will matter to me.  Guess who is going to be on the hook for this money?  That’s right, my generation and your kid’s generation and their kids' generation.  We have absolutely no representation and no defense against incurring this debt. This is going to take a long time to pay back with a lot of interest going out the door.  We need to cooperate on cutting spending, ensuring long term obligations are funded, building our capabilities for economic growth through smart infrastructure projects and building the lower and lower-middle classes so they can get on the wave of growth and ride it upward.

The people that have been trusted to manage our Government have run up our nations Credit Card and handed us the bill to pay in the future.  This exposes the major problem with Government.  The public sector runs on intentions and feelings, whereas the private sector runs on results and the bottom line.  We no longer have the luxury of allowing our Government to be judged by intentions of actions, rather we must require it be measured by the results.  Our future quality of life is at stake here if we do not reverse this pattern of poor management.  Paying back borrowing and interest will become our greatest percentage of spending if we do not cut off this faucet.  Career politician Tammy Baldwin has been complicit in this ballooning of the debt ever since she arrived in Washington.  Re-electing her is a thank you for this unimaginable burden and a blind commitment to future irresponsible appropriation of funds.  No manager in the private sector could run a company’s finances into the ground the way that Tammy and the Swamp have over the past 18 years and still have a job.  No barber could screw up that many haircuts and still find customers that trust them with scissors.  It is time to reject Activist Judge Supporting Tammy Baldwin’s mismanagement of our money and take back our future.

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Elected officials have used our tax dollars to settle their sexual harassment lawsuits.  We do not have names.  I WANT NAMES!  I don’t just want the names of the people that actually were predator harassers, I want anyone who knew about it, green-lit the settlements, anyone involved.  I want those damn names bad.  I want the American public to know who did what, who knew what and when they knew it.  We waste a lot of money, but this is one where the American people have absolutely had it with excess, failure and deviancy.  I WILL GET YOU THOSE NAMES!


Democrats intrusion into the healthcare system has been devastating, now they want more Government control and more taxes!  Obamacare was a result of either pure mathematical incompetence or an intentional plan to push us towards socialist medicine.  Either way, you cannot govern from a point in the past but rather must fix the problems given the reality of today and the reality is that without kicking people off of their insurance, it is going to take a lot to fix this mess.  Obamacare was an unsustainable lie.  We did not see premiums go down, people did not keep their doctor and the young people didn’t sign up.  Insurers don’t leave healthy markets.  Anyone who understands insurance saw this redistribution of costs coming clear as day.  The tax (mandate) was un-American.  Requiring someone to buy something or taxing them?  And now they are still struggling to fix it.

Single payer healthcare only has support from 17 of 49 Democratic Senators because it is unrealistic and unaffordable.  As one skeptical, typically Democrat leaning voter recently told me, "Show me the math of how this is going to work."  Democrats are typically aligned on all issues.  Why are they not aligned on this one?  Why doesn’t the House Minority Leader nor the Senate Minority leader support it?  Why don’t they ever tell you how many jobs would be removed from our economy if their bill passed?  What are the downstream economic effects of that dent in the labor participation rate?  What would it add to the debt?  Would it lead to controlling costs and wages, raising taxes further, rationing care or excluding people for characteristics such as being a smoker or obese?  When they can't control costs, will they start to control human behavior?  What if they limited you to one brat and one six pack of beer per month?  No more red meat or soda.  Child birth is expensive, what if they told you you are limited to one child?  Would it inspire less young, brilliant people to be doctors?

If they were SO WRONG the last time, why would you trust them this time with their projections and valuations?  Obamacare Voter Tammy Baldwin has signed up for this.  I do not believe that with all facts and figures considered, the voters in Wisconsin will support this additional Government control over their lives, choices and money.  This is the definitive evidence that she is no longer one of us.


We need to work across the aisle to solve this issue with no set, one-size-fits-all mentality, not simply throw more money at it.  We need to work to pull back regulations which will lead to innovation and new products across the insurance, medical and related industries.  Unfortunately, without a time machine you have to govern from the reality of today and Obamacare has made that so much more difficult to make improvements without taking insurance away from people.  If Democrats want to talk about supporting the growth of or pulling back any regulations to allow an expansion of Direct Primary Care relationships – I’m very much in.  If Democrats want to explore strategic geographical investment to better cover Veterans, Native Americans, rural and high need patients – I’m in.  If they want to look at Tort reform, costs for medical students, virtual and telephonic care, negotiating or importing prescription drugs, ending arrangements between drug companies and doctors – I’m in.  If they want to go to the table in good faith and discuss patent laws that make it easier for more competitors to enter markets and bring down costs – I’m in.  Anything to reduce waste, fraud, inefficiency, ineffective or unnecessary care, redundancy or bureaucracy from the system, that is a conversation that I want to have.  Anything except giving the Government more control and money.

The future of this country is paved with cooperation and charting a long-term course to solve our society’s problems.  The Senate needs to lead in attitude, spirit and cooperation.  Attacking each other on social media, in books and on TV or exaggerating some fictional death spiral we are entering every time a bill passes is causing more unhappiness, animosity and mass hysteria than they will ever admit.  Serving in an elected Federal office should be a public service, not a career.  We need term limits and to pull any post service benefits and compensation on a go-forward basis, excluding myself, I get nothing.  Most of these elected officials go on to serve on boards and cushy gigs.  Pensions for this role are unnecessary as the byproduct of serving in the capacity certainly offsets that compensation.

 We need to start talking again and working together, not only in the Government but in society.  Social media has destroyed our interactions and decency.  We need to deescalate, address our root issues, stop stereotyping and generalizing, discuss the role of society in our lives and our role in society.  We need to take a step back and do a self-assessment of the ways that social media has altered our perspectives, levels of and speed to anger and a cost-benefit analysis of its impact on our lives.  We also need to reduce the size and impact of the Federal Government in our lives.  The best way forward is not more Government as Coastal Elite Tammy Baldwin would have you believe, but rather less.  Pulling back regulations, responsibly managing spending and the deficit, allowing free markets to lead the way to economic growth, reducing healthcare costs and rooting deviants out of our Government is the only way we will get out of this mess.  We can do it, I believe in us.  I believe in you.